Marisa Assim Quis apresenta ZÉ Salvador

Marisa Assim Quis apresenta ZÉ Salvador

Segunda-feira, 25 Abril 2016
Marisa assim quis



Building a 20-year long career in the Portuguese dance music scene isn´t something many DJs can show in their CV. Zé Salvador has built it based on a reputation as one of the most reliable and knowledgeable DJs in the country. With his personalized take on influences like Idjut Boys, Dj Harvey, Ron Trent, Chez Damier, Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Ricardo Villalobos, Ata, to mention a few, it´s safe and fair to say, that Salvador is one of the mainstays of the Portuguese DJing world.

Versatile, groundbreaking and always a step ahead, Zé Salvador was, and remains, connected to many decisive moments and movements of this collective history. In the 90s, he founded and was a resident at the mythical Urbansound club in Porto, thus putting his personal stamp in the growth of the scene in the north of the country. He influenced the tastes of many as a selector and curator for the record store chain Valentim De Carvalho. In 2001, along with Tozé Diogo, he compiled and mixed the “Chill On Kaos Vol. 2” mix-CD for the historical Kaos Records, considered the best portuguese mix-CD of that year. Further on, he opened the most highly cherished micro-club in Lisbon, Brownie, and became a pillar in the roster of one of the biggest popularity phenomenons in the Portuguese underground, the Bloop Recordings label and promotion agency.

Always adventurous and unwilling to simply rest on these laurels, his consistent yet challenging DJing style has been given a place in the most important clubs and festivals in the country (Gare Club, Lux, Indutria, SBSR, A Week In Paradise Called Portugal, Boom Festival’14, NeoPop, Optimus Alive, just to name a few). His association to João Maria and Jorge Caiado in the Carpet and Snares record store and the Carpet Music agency is a natural step and a sum much greater than all these parts, showing that for Zé Salvador, the path and enjoyment of the ride is as important as it´s destination.

Text by Nuno Mendonça


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